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The Risk Questionnaire Profiler API provides a risk profile rating for an investor, and related asset allocation, based on risk profile questionnaire answers. This API contains 3 parts; getQuestionnaireNames has no request parameters and returns a list of the available questionnaires, getQuestionnaireData takes a questionnaire name (selected from the list returned in getQuesionnaireNames above) as the request parameter and returns the questions and associated answers. It also returns the version number for the questionnaire, calculateRisk takes the questionnaire name, question and response ids selected by client and investment term as request parameters. Returns the calculated risk profile and fund/asset breakdown for the calculated risk profile. Please refer to the Pricing Plan and the Credits Plan for the number of credits required to call this API.

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Technical Owner : EValue [apiteam@ev.uk]


You require an access token to try the API. Please login and subscribe to the API to generate an access token. If you already have an access token, please provide it below.

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