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Version information

Version 1.0.0

Contact information

Contact: EValue Support - support@ev.uk

URI scheme

Schemes: HTTP, HTTPS








Calculates the decimal risk score of a fund of portfolio, over a given term, compared to the asset allocation benchmarks.


Type Name Description Schema Required
BodyParameter body Parameters for porfolio risk rating. PortfolioRiskRatingParameters true


HTTP Code Description Schema
200 successful operation PortfolioRiskRatingResult
400 Validation errors ValidationErrors
500 System error SystemError



Please note that only the following Definitions will be used when calculating the Result of this API call. Any other data submitted will not be validated or used in the calculation.


Name Description Schema Required Range
riskGroup User's risk benchmark to which their investment can be evaluated Integer true  
terms Evaluated terms for the efficient risk profile. List of Integer true  
allocations List of funds invested in the portfolio. List of Fund true  


Name Description Schema Required Range
code Enter fund code for forecast. Use Citicode or asset class - see documentation for further information on asset class codes. String true  
contributionPercentage Contribution percentage allocated to that fund. Double true -100 to 200



Name Description Schema
riskGroup User's risk benchmark to which their investment can be evaluated Integer
risks The numerical value of the portfolio's risk when measured against EValue's benchmarks. List of RiskResult


Name Description Schema
term Evaluated term for the efficient risk profile. Integer
riskRating The decimal risk score of the portfolio compared to the asset allocation benchmarks Double


Name Description Schema
errors A list of errors from validating the API input parameters List of ValidationError


Name Description Schema
field The field that is invalid String
code The type of validation error that has occurred Enum - REQUIRED, OUT_OF_RANGE, INVALID, INVALID_TOTAL
message The validation error message String
value The value that is invalid String


Name Description Schema
systemError The system error message. String

Asset Classes

Where fund codes are required as input, you can instead refer to asset classes. See list of codes you can use for assets below.

Code Description
Returns_File_Cash Cash
Returns_File_Government_Bonds UK Government Bonds
Returns_File_Index_Linked_Bonds UK Index Linked Bonds
Returns_File_Corporate_Bonds_Inv_Grade Corporate Bonds - Investment Grade
Returns_File_Corporate_Bonds_High_Yield Global High Yield Bonds
Returns_File_Global_government_bonds Global Bonds
Returns_File_UK_Equity UK Equity
Returns_File_US_Equity US Equity
Returns_File_Europe_Equity European Equity
Returns_File_Japan_Equity Japanese Equity
Returns_File_Asia_ex_Japan_Equity Asia ex Japan Equity
Returns_File_Global_Emerging_Market_Equity Emerging Markets Equity
Returns_File_Small_cap_UK UK Small Cap Equity
Returns_File_Property UK Property
Returns_File_International_property International Property
Returns_File_Alpha_Strategies Alternative Investments
Returns_File_Commodities Commodities
Returns_File_Inflation Price Inflation
Returns_File_Nil_return Nil return